About Us

Statistics show that readership levels in the Arab World are significantly lower than those among other world populations. And because we believe that reading is a key ingredient for the development of any nation, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to play a role in supporting the Arabic reading ecosystem to the benefit of raising readership levels in the Arabic language.

On analyzing the situation, we noticed that publishing and distribution costs in the Arab world are among the main obstacles to book production, while the scarcity of bookshops represents a main obstacle to access for readers. So we created ‘Kotobi’: a platform that introduces a viable solution to these problems through digital publishing and distribution and a digital library.

Kotobi’s digital technology removes the barriers to publishing for authors and publishers alike; and creates an innovative avenue for readers to access the biggest variety of Arabic publications at the convenience of their home: no need to travel a distance to find the nearest bookshop; and no need to wait until the next print of a book is out; and best of all, you can buy through your credit card anywhere in the world, or through your mobile phone in Egypt. And as you buy your collection of books, you needn’t worry about carrying it around, because Kotobi’s mobile app allows you to walk around with your library: all on your mobile phone or tablet.

‘Kotobi’ is a collaborative partnership among many stakeholders concerned with the promotion of Arabic reading. We are proud to have as partners many distinguished publishers, writers and NGOs from Egypt and the Arab World.

*‘Kotobi’ is brought to you by Vodafone