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Short synopsis about book Second chances By Yasmeen Allam

“ hold the door please”
Said the young blue eyed lady, with the short blonde hair " Ammy" , she was running in the corridor of her building towards the elevator , she was in a rush, holding her bag in one hand, trying to wear her coat by the other.
At the last minute ,a hand reached out to hold the door from being closed, she rushed inside thanking the guy who smiled at her and stepped aside a little. she looked at her watch and damn she was late again, ever since she was back in town and she is always late, she hated being late. There was a heavy cough coming from the guy next to her, she looked at him and he covered his mouth trying to control his cough and to take a deep breath, he looked at her and smiled apologizing, but he fell into another fit ,her instinct as a doctor pushed her to get closer to check on him, but once she did it, he stepped few steps to the back, she stopped at her place surprised.

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