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Ihsan Abdul Quddus

Occupation: Other
Country of birth: Egypt
About Ihsan Abdul Quddus
The Egyptian novelist and journalist of Turkish origin from the point of his parents, He is the son of Fatima Yousuf Turkish-born Lebanese origin, jam, a magazine Rose Al-Youssef magazine Foundation Good morning. His father Mohammed Abdul Quddus was representative and author. The charity is one of the first Arab novelists who took in their stories term love for virginity most of his stories and turned into a film. The literature Ihsan Abdul Quddus distinct qualitative leap in the Arabic novel, as it managed to emerge from the local to the global space and most of his novels have been translated into several foreign languages -alodab Known, the owner of the famous stories, was born the night of the first of January 1919. "I grew up in the house of his grandfather to his father Sheikh Radwan, which can trace its roots to Garihalsalehih eastern province was the graduates of Al-Azhar mosque and working president of the book to Islamic courts, which by virtue of its culture and education Religious was imposed on all family commitment and stick to the orders of religion and performance of homework and the preservation of tradition, so it was forbidden for a All the women in his family to go out to the balcony without a veil. "At the same time his mother was a singer and journalist Ms. Rose Al-Youssef liberal lady opens her house to hold a cultural and political seminars involving senior poets and writers, politicians and men of art "He was moved as a child from his grandfather seminar where he meets Bzmlak of Al-Azhar scholars and takes religious lessons it has accepted for him and his grandfather before that digest. Finds himself in the arms of another seminar in stark contrast to what it was .. It symposium Rose Al-Youssef Ihsan and speaks about the impact of these two extremes he says: "The transition between these two extremes places including strikes me at first looks like a mental vertigo so I used it gradually and I was able to prepare myself to accept it as a reality in my life inevitable Ihsan studied at the Khalil Agha School in Cairo 1927-1931m, then at Fouad I school in Cairo 1932 -1937 m, then joined the Faculty of Law at Cairo University. He graduated charity of the Faculty of Law in 1942 and the failure to be a lawyer and talking about the failure of this and says: "I was a lawyer failed not good discussion and dialogue, and you managerial my failure in court either by shouting and brawling with the judges, and either jokes and jokes which made me miscarry sympathy of the judges, so called dreams in that I am a brilliant lawyer
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