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Ibrahim El -Mazny

Occupation: Writter
Country of birth: Egypt
About Ibrahim El -Mazny
Ibrahim Abdul Qadir Mezni (1889-1949) poet, critic, journalist and writer Egyptian novelist of the poets of the modern era, was known as one of the great writers of his time was also known for his style satire both in literary writing or poetry and was able to shine in spite of the presence of many writers and poets Alaftahal where he managed that there is a place next door, although the trend is different and the new concept of literature, she has collected between the Arab culture and heritage of English literature, like other poets Court School. Author can about the characters to choose a profession that fit the personalities it provides, but it is hard to imagine one of Mezni profession is literature, "Fajal him that he is capable of that literature is given the right, and that the demands of living is given the right, but soon quite a few Ti show him that literature alone and literature chasing him wherever he went not leave him even bring him back next to him. Mezni tried to escape from the use of rhymes and weights in some of his poems go to writing prose, and left behind a prolific legacy of essays, stories and novels as well as the offices of many of the noodles, also known as a critic distinct.
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